Yes, I say 'World-2020' because it runs through the minds 'Covid-19' that humanity is convicted to it. We started the year 2020 with the news of spreading of the new type of corona virus, with high contagiousness, from China.
Or rather, it turned out to be China's technological and management propaganda when the news first appeared. China wanted to say

"I am stronger than everyone" as it built a private hospital for this disease within 10 days. But it preferred to say it almost like that:
You will hear me more from now on!


Covid-19? Chinese virus?
Trump the president of "USA’’ undermined China's efforts to escape forward by transforming it into propaganda, by qualifying it as "Chinese Virus". Thus, China's propaganda apparatus was severely damaged and soon became silent.
The virus that showed its effect in South Korea, Japan and Iran outside of China at first, and was speaking that if it reaches Africa, it will reach the scariest disaster dimensions, but, unexpectedly, it turned to the most developed countries in the world and began to hit these countries hard.
It is obviously that the virus (or its exaggerated effects), which has played the devil with USA, England, Spain, France and Italy until now (11.05.2020), not going to be tangent to countries such as Russia, Germany and India! Countries with low purchasing power (at least for now), especially the African continent, are better!

Will the Europeans continue to protect China by walking on the Great Wall of China?
China has been a cradle of civilization as of its history. Because of its geographical location and it is separate and distant from the middle-eastern-European civilizations, its culture and civilizations have unique characteristics. However, this does not mean that China has no imperial ambitions. China is currently pursuing direct management and influence in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Xinjiang, and it does it on every occasion. But the western contries has not shown enough sensitivity so far.


Is this a Conspiracy Theory?
In this process, there were hardly any survivors of the intense psychological pressure caused by virus news. Although there were news and analysis from media organs that made people more anxious, rather than seeing their effects directly, and few people who tried to draw attention to this also threatened to be accused of producing a conspiracy theory even by the public in the harsh environment.


The third world war?
I want to liken this psychological pressure, to the suffering and anxiety of the Turks, whose surrounded under fire during the second world war.
Yes, because I think that whatever is expected to be obtained from the third world war, it is motivated to be taken as a result of this event. In particular the process launched in the Middle East, including Syria, to be stopped by Turkey's intervention, requiring the development of events may have been this way. When we read the history of the first and second world wars, especially if we consider that we have overlooked the psychological warfare of some countries and (more) loges, the subject will become clearer.


Power Loge/s
Considering all this, we can think that covid-19 disease and efforts to benefit from this will take a while. You can say that: ‘But this disease is taking over all over the world. Wouldn't there be reactions against the sharp decline experienced in at least developed countries? "
Let me give you the answer as follows:
I ask you to remember and if possible refresh and deepen what you heard or read about power foci nested in governments and media.
I would like to explain to you a point that I think is very important:
I would like to say that if Trump, that say ‘Make America Great Again’ is re-elected in 2020 fall elections, effects of desease may take at least a few more years. because trump is practicing what he says, unlike its previous successors!


Take care of yourself!!!
It is clear that Trump did not take much of the hidden focus. Therefore, his blunders away from the language of diplomacy, that come from the commercial view of everything, as soon as it is announced in Washington and all USA, announced even in the farthest corners of Africa and Asia and makes even hungry people smile.
However, it seems that Trump did not get tired of trying to avoid transferring his country's privileges to another country at the end of this war, with the small audience in the USA aware of the issue.

In your opinion, how will all this affect the world in the short term and medium term?
What could be the pain of passing the Superpower into China?
Which wrongdoings of western countries have been effective in China's move to superpower, which has been on the rise for 20 years?
Is it possible that Covid-19 grows its domain by changing and transforming it?
How will the world be after Covid-19?


Please write me your comments, let's discuss ...

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