The issue of clothing became such that in one of these communities living in the desert and semi-desert region, women were not seen with anything but one eye so that they would not fall while walking, and men covered their whole bodies with loose clothing. As the animals fled when they saw these people, and the monkeys, who had previously indulged and masturbated by secretly watching the female human, turned away from the human and denied the kinship with the human !!!

In this way, the last family exchanges between humans and apes were stopped!


Some people did not consider this enough and said that every man should go into a cave with a woman and not come out. In this way, each woman became the exclusive honor of a man, and no one had to leave the cave for the rest of his life. It soon became clear that this plan was not feasible because everyone was dying of thirst and hunger. Therefore, changes were made in the design and it was decided that one of the species would have the right to leave the habitat (which had already been developed and turned into stone or wooden sheds) to bring food. In a meeting to determine the gender that has the right to leave the residence, men took responsibility for the fact that, of course, it soon became clear that women brave men by praisinghim too much saying that you are physically strong, and they catch with all their historical stupidity!


 At the same time, according to the new plan, women no longer had to cover themselves in that unbearable way, and men could be more comfortable because they no longer faced the opposite sex outside the home. This situation caused some inconsistencies and this affair made some guys fuck each other outside!

However, the ass was a member of both sexes, and although the male type was not as exciting as feminine type, it seemed to be sufficient to provoke some men in the absence of women.


In 5632 BC, the Council for the Regulation of Sexual Relations (in Rome!!!!), in order to prevent the spread of homosexuality, introduced and approved a plan for men to grow beards. The beard, which was trimmed with the invention of the first winning object, even before the hair or elsewhere. Of course, later it turned out that having beard was not a good solution, because those who tend to grow a beard have been fucked their ass before!!!

Until some people come and "stop! This is not the way !!! we are so isolated and unaware of other people that we do not know that they are closer to nature even though they have a more modern and comfortable life. It is not our fate to follow the path of some states that are treacherous even to their own people in the Middle East, and to read what the shitty circles have written. Life is much easier, more fun !!!''




But the majority of the same tribe did nothing but stare in the face of those who said it like an idiot and, at the very most, some nod their heads as if to approve !!!


Would you like this article to continue into more recent ages?


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