Covid-19 appeared at the end of 2019, destroyed our 2020 year (killed 1.5 million people worldwide), will it also ruin our 2021 year ?!
No one can claim that 2020 was a good year for humanity! But let's not forget that the world has started to suffer from shortness of breath because of human beings for years. Therefore, perhaps we should change our perceptions of "good" and "bad" for the sake of world health!

The reason that 2020 was not good for humanity, we can perhaps attribute it to the unhappiness of the Santa Claus, who I see working in front of a shopping mall on New Year's Eve!
I am not against using and employing Santa Claus for profit and advertising purposes, but I am against wearing down such cultural values in this way. The employee who was assigned a santa claus outfit there and the boss who commissioned him definitely has memories of Santa Claus.

When we take these into consideration, it is not appropriate for Santa Claus to jump 2 meters in the air, open his mouth to his ears, and even make more slick movements to attract children to the mall and to put their parents' hands in their pockets.
Let's not forget that those who go into the Santa Claus cover are also people, and they have feelings and needs. So it would be great for us to caress their feelings and learn their needs properly, and if possible, to help.

We are in the last days of 2020, that has made many bad developments such as Covid, falling incomes, increasing expenses, adversely affecting human relations, etc..
If we want 2021 to be better, I think we should improve our relationships between individuals as much as possible. We must constantly ask each other about the situation. We must stop looking for people around us, according to any of our problems. We need to be more interested in the people around us, especially parents.

Relationships are like onions, as in the idiom used by Shrek. It consists of layers. In the middle comes ourselves, the first layer surrounding us is our parents and then our brothers and sisters. The third layer consists of our best friends and cousins etc. These layers continue until the president of China!
If they want us to keep the distance for Covid, we can do so over the phone. Of course, we should see (taking precautions) especially our parents.


In addition, traditional medicine experts say that some plants are good for covid and even prevent them, based on the understanding that "the remedy of every disease in the world is also available in nature". Of course, every medicine is produced from objects in nature, but traditional medicine experts argue that the medicines produced by modern medicine have side effects, while herbal solutions do not have any immediate effect. You can research them. (Contact Us)


There was a great article I read about it. He proposes a traditional solution based on some herbal essences, and the doctor who wrote it claims that he treated his patients without a mask. If anyone wants, I can share.


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