The terrible ground on which America is drifting ...
Distress sirens have been ringing in America for the past few weeks. Is the USA heading towards disintegration again? Will there be a civil war? All this for the transport of capital from America? Who is ringing these sirens?
Trump has passed over America. Who is Trump? What did he want to do? Who supports him? What social and political positions do its supporters hold in US society? How will this case continue from now on? Why did the


- Mr. President, the President of Azerbaijan and the Prime Minister of Armenia are coming here at your invitation. Why did you call them? Or do you want to include both of these states in the Russian close and reliable circle, or even in the Russian Federation?
- Armenia is already our backyard. Although Pashinyan wanted to save his country from this situation lately, I had him teach a lesson he will not forget. But we actually do not want to do anything contrary to the interests of the

- Dear president! I think this interview will be my last interview with you.
- Why? Are you resigning from journalism because you couldn't endear yourself? Or is it because you say 'I guess' depends on the outcome of this interview to be able to meet with me ?!
- I do not understand exactly what you are saying, but I did not think so much, Mr. President!
- You can't think!
- Why?
- Now if I tell you why, all journalists, or rather those who successfully continue their profession, will be angry

I was so worried when I saw that Turkey's Erdogan called me at night 2!
I thought: Why would a president call me? Or does he want to let me know that he sued me for what I wrote?!
- Yes, hello dear president ...
- Hello Acemalisi!

- Mr. President, you could have communicated in the morning that you sued me. you woke me up at this hour, but it was like a life imprisonment!!
- What case Acemalisi? What life imprisonment?

- Then is there a war or something worse?
- Stop Acemalisi, wait, I'll tell


The issue of clothing became such that in one of these communities living in the desert and semi-desert region, women were not seen with anything but one eye so that they would not fall while walking, and men covered their whole bodies with loose clothing. As the animals fled when they saw these people, and the monkeys, who had previously indulged and masturbated by secretly watching the female human, turned away from the human and denied the kinship with the human !!!

In this way, the last


Joe Biden, the new president of the United States, was vaccinated against covid-19. He argued that he did this so that Americans should not be afraid of the vaccine and should be sure. After this incident, eyes turned to Trump, who is still in the white house. Is Trump also considering vaccination? I went and asked!


- Hello, Mr. President, you definitely heard that Mr. Biden was vaccinated. Are you considering getting vaccinated too?
- first of all, your title is wrong! I want you to

I learned that very important matches will be played today. I'll tell you what I know about the history of football, my prediction of which teams will win today, and how we can win bets. As Acemalisi, I loved and played ball since childhood. So when we played football, my teammates always put me on the goal!
Nobody could concede as much as me in goal! In fact, I could have scored more goals if other teammates didn't prevent it. I would try to put the ball going out to our goal in some way, but

Anyway, human beings have started to wear or rather to cover their intimate places! And over time, they took care to make this veil from the most beautiful and elegant leaves! However, to cover with leaves, contrary to popular belief, did not take long! Especially men understood that this was very risky for them. When herbivorous animals approach humans while absentminded (probably thinking about how to find fire!) or asleep and ate those beautiful leaves, it turns out what everyone is like

First of all, be cool. Not everyone with covid-19 dies! If you can laugh at this sentence, you will be among the improved majority. But if you are nervous, I'm sorry for you. I do not want to say what will probably happen to you! Pay attention to the symptoms of your illness first. Not all covid-19 patients die! Just as most of those with Covid-19 did not die, many who think they were covid-19 later realize that they are not actually covid or even sick! I was one of them. I was farting like a


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