Anyway, human beings have started to wear or rather to cover their intimate places! And over time, they took care to make this veil from the most beautiful and elegant leaves! However, to cover with leaves, contrary to popular belief, did not take long! Especially men understood that this was very risky for them. When herbivorous animals approach humans while absentminded (probably thinking about how to find fire!) or asleep and ate those beautiful leaves, it turns out what everyone is like! But worse, in such situations, the men's cocks were in danger of being bitten, injured, or even ripped off!

So men had to find a remedy for this. This time, they thought of making the dress (in the sense of that day) from the skin of the animals that ate the leaf clothes. They had already begun to eat these animals raw, and now they were giving them an intimidation by making a cover for their dicks from their skin! But this time, the predators who fed those animals haunted the cock covers of the men! So the men's dicks have become even more endangered.

At the same time, one more thing was understood: women's ass and boobs were more attractive than pussy and, in other words, their breasts and asses were gathering clients! The woman's ass called the back men and the breast called the front men! Men could not hold back at all (now too) against this sexy look! Although ass was actually the source of shit and fart, at that moment it seemed to be the greatest source of pleasure and excitement in the world! The fucking ass looked, in that moment, even more important and vital from the water for men!!!! Of course, at that time, the culture of sex was not developed as it is today, and neither a good word nor a flower nor a special place was required to make love!!

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However, women would take the situation! When the women reacted to having too many places to be covered, the men also agreed to cover their asses! Later, the men also had to cover their chest and arms.

In addition to all these, the curiosity of women to learn what kind of cock different men have, and the curiosity of men to learn what kind of body each woman has, manifested in humans as a feeling of love for nature and animals, and opposition to animal killing. However, the veiling would somehow continue.

In the following years and centuries, clothing was adopted by human beings and became a culture. The only thing that changed was how and with what to make the veil and dress.

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