I learned that very important matches will be played today. I'll tell you what I know about the history of football, my prediction of which teams will win today, and how we can win bets. As Acemalisi, I loved and played ball since childhood. So when we played football, my teammates always put me on the goal!
Nobody could concede as much as me in goal! In fact, I could have scored more goals if other teammates didn't prevent it. I would try to put the ball going out to our goal in some way, but my teammates wouldn't like to score so much, maybe just because it would be a shame for us to score too many goals! They even scolded me for scoring too many goals!

They used to say, " If we had put a wooden nickel on the goal insteed of you, we would have concede less goals!" Sometimes they gave me a task in the middle, but I was not assertive that I was good! I was even so fucked up!

During my high school years, I learned that many world-renowned teams named like Atletico Madrid, Chelsy, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Schalke, Arsenal, PSV, Liverpool, Fenerbahce, Juventus, AC milan, Manchester United, Tractor S.C., Moscow, etc. have been formed and play each other after breakfast every morning!
Of course, the source from which I learned these was not Assouthtestpress, CNN, BBC or any other big news agency. I learned all this information from my beloved Maria!!!

At that time, I wondered why the United States doesn't have a world-famous team. Even the national teams of countries such as Brazil, Argentina, Spain, Portugal and Netherlands are always referred to as the strongest national teams. Why is the USA not mentioned among the strongest?

While looking for an answer, I learned that the USA actually created a game of its own. Since this game is a little vulgar looking, the spoiled Europeans couldn't even attempt to get it!

If you want, I will tell you the history of football later because the matches will start soon! We need to get our guesses about them!

Today, Barcelona, Lyon, Arsenal, Milan, Hoffenheim, Crystal Palace, Elche, Liverpool, Juventus, Bordeaux, PSV, Schalke, Napoli, Inter will win their matches. Why?! I told you about my football background. This is my feelings. Follow if you want. But at least 11 out of 13 matches will end as I predicted. I wouldn't suggest you bet, but give it a try!

Maybe tomorrow I will announce the results to compare!






Ooo, I gotta go to the toilet!

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