Joe Biden, the new president of the United States, was vaccinated against covid-19. He argued that he did this so that Americans should not be afraid of the vaccine and should be sure. After this incident, eyes turned to Trump, who is still in the white house. Is Trump also considering vaccination? I went and asked!


- Hello, Mr. President, you definitely heard that Mr. Biden was vaccinated. Are you considering getting vaccinated too?
- first of all, your title is wrong! I want you to fix it.
- Which one?
- 'Why is Trump avoiding vaccination?' false. Who said I'm avoiding? You are just asking!

- You are right, Mr. President! But now that our readers have read the title, it won't help us change it. So if you want, let me start my questions!
- You always did that!

- You definitely heard that Mr. Biden was vaccinated. Are you considering getting vaccinated too?
- Why should I have heard for sure that Biden was vaccinated?

- So, Mr. President, I think you heard about it on the news. Or haven't you heard the news that the whole world has learned?
- How would I hear?


- News agencies passed this news ...
- I'm not listening to the news spreading by those liar and side news agencies!

- Well then. Now I told you, at least you learned! Are you considering getting vaccinated too?
- I'm afraid of Ampoule!

- But, Mr. President, shouldn't you do this for the health of the American people, especially mental health, and the trust in vaccination?
- No! I think I have already gotten corona and my body has become immune. Also, you can't force me to do what I'm afraid of! I'm angry with you, inherently!

- Why?
- Because you chose that old man over me!

- But the people chose Biden. I didn't even vote!
- I'm not talking about the votes either. I'm talking about journalists and news agencies.

- Mr. President, if you want, let's not go into the matter of election at all.
- That's what they wanted, yes? They asked you to squeeze me with the Vaccine, yes? They advised not to make the elections mentioned, yes?

- If you don't answer the questions with questions, Mr. President, maybe we will have time to even address this issue!
- Look, lad! I was very afraid of two things in my life: ampuele and press! I got past the media and misdemeanor journalists thanks to Twitter I also got rid of the injection, by first getting caught in the corona. I also know that Joe is afraid of the injection, and I doubt he was really vaccinated for him too!

- But this was done in front of the cameras.
- I think if this vaccination was not a cheat, or if it didn't happen after a long chase, they must have deceived Joe by promising something he loved so much !!!

- Mr. President, your presidential term is about to end, but you still haven't stopped sling mud at everybody around you! Are you already considering to leave slinging mud?!
- I'm not mudding. You give what I say and my style of discourse as a muddy, and of course you have managed to convince half of the American people. I congratulate you!!!

- Mr. President, thank you. I want to ask my last question: do you believe the vaccine will actually be preventative?
- It doesn't matter whether I believe it or not. Mutation rumors were published. I don't find it right to panic people. I hope that a solution to this problem will be found quickly.


- We are about to enter 2021. 2020 has not been good at all. What kind of year will 2021 be?
- Disaster!
- Why?
- Ask this now for Joe!
- But you say it disaster!
- Get the hell out of here!!!



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