The terrible ground on which America is drifting ...
Distress sirens have been ringing in America for the past few weeks. Is the USA heading towards disintegration again? Will there be a civil war? All this for the transport of capital from America? Who is ringing these sirens?
Trump has passed over America. Who is Trump? What did he want to do? Who supports him? What social and political positions do its supporters hold in US society? How will this case continue from now on? Why did the soldier take to the streets? Why can't the founders and guardians of the order even trust the military? We asked all these questions to people on the street. What did these people say? !!! Eight people from the United States said:

- I'm a trump fan. He is a fan of America! Trump may not know everyone, but he obviously knows America well. It just doesn't understand political language. If he understood, he would preside for 4 more years, but in fact he could not have done what he did in those 4 years in 8 years!

- I love Biden. The man is very intelligent and I believe he can fix our broken relationships with the world. He will especially improve relations with Iran, China and South America and European countries and give them another chance

- I don't like either of them. I think that both the republican and democratic parties have captured the destiny of America. Trump actually wanted to destroy this hegemony. But this is a very difficult task. The world's money is spinning here. He himself knew that they would not leave America to him. Although he tried to resist, he couldn't quite do it.

- I think Trump is a hope for those who run this case. He performed poorly on some issues, but managed to instill in people the "you can do it" feeling.

- That is why, the fact that the American people have awakened, will not be good for America! Order can't handle it!

- We will confuse the streets today and continue our actions. Because we are actually in charge of preparing the ground for Bidena !!!

- If it continues like this, I will leave America. It's so scary.
- God bless America. I can't say anything else!



we talked to eight people from other countries! look what they said.

- i'm maci from france. Of course I support Biden. our tail is in their hands!

- I'm from China shu shu ha vaaaa la! we want Biden to be president. Trump bored us!

- I'm from Kenya Havu Havu! I do not know either! I support the obama because he is black, but he didn't actually do anything. he forgot his grandfathers.

- I Recep than turkey! it doesn't matter to us. Regardless of who is in charge of America! Do not take a look at what we discuss once in a while!

- I am xuan from mekizka. we don't want either. We want our own land, especially los angeles!

- I am Hasan from Iran! It does not matter to me. let it not be america anyway. we are looking at england.

- I'm nikol from russia! I think America is falling apart. these discussions are in vain !!

- I'm mickel from england. We don't want anything to happen to the American. Both Trump and Biden are respected for us.


You can read our interviews with Trump and Biden and give your opinion. Many facts are actually hidden in these fake talks! We even had conversations with Macron, Erdogan, Merkel, the Chinese president and Putin. You can read them. Who else would you like us to have fake conversations with? !!

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