Mike today has entered the age of puberty. He was saying that ‘I am adult now. I can browse porn sites more comfortably. I can show my dick to everyone I want. And I will tell them that it is more than 18 years old and there is no harm in using it. I would be glad if you even use it!’
He said that every time it goes hard from on, I wouldn't have to shake its head and I could go straight to a bar to find a milf!

- Oooo! You didn't have to wait until you were 18 to get your dick in a hole!! Have you bored its head every time it went hard all this time? I said.

- Yes!

- So when did it first going hard?

- Almost 3- 4 years!

- Now I feel sorry for you. Of course, I felt sorry for myself for having a stupid friend as much as you, but I felt sorry for your cock the most! you could tell me that.

- What would you do?


- I have a neighbor, I go to him every time mine goes hard! She is a very brave and cheerful woman. When I went even with my guest, she didn't turn down.

- What is she like?

- 79 years old! Very cheerful and sexy!

- 79 years old?
- Yes

- How can you find the hole to stick your cock?

- I don't search it anyway. She puts it!



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