I am very happy to have had the opportunity to celebrate the day of all the beautiful mothers in the world. While I want to celebrate this beautiful day, I would like to surprise my beautiful readers by touching an unusual subject.
Hang on your hat!
As you know, Anna is a girl name. Maybe some of my readers' name is Anna.


Everyone knows that Istanbul is a beautiful city and you can find millions of articles for it.

Therefore, I will not introduce Istanbul for you. I'll try to help you look at a different pain.

In a military disaster 100 years ago, about 58,000 allied soldiers died. What was the plan, exactly what went wrong, and what is Gallipoli’s legacy?
A merged image of present day Gallipoli and the same scene on 25 April 1915 Australian soldier lies injured in the foreground as troops move among the dead and wounded on the beach at Anzac Cove. Photograph: Getty Images
What happened?

Historical Background
The harem was defined to be the women's quarter in a Muslim household. The Imperial harem (also known as the Seraglio harem) contained the combined households of the Valide Sultan (Queen Mother), the Sultan's favourites (hasekis), and the rest of his concubines (women whose main function was to entertain the Sultan in the bedchamber). It also contained all the Sultanas' (daughters of the Sultan) households. Many of the harem women would never see the Sultan and became the


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