Everyone knows that Istanbul is a beautiful city and you can find millions of articles for it.

Therefore, I will not introduce Istanbul for you. I'll try to help you look at a different pain.

I will tell you the history of Istanbul in the way I understand myself! Because I don't believe in the written dates, and I feel that many of you qualify me for different reasons! Well, how do I understand and special expression? I'll tell you step by step.

Check out the map of Istanbul on the map. Where?


On both sides of the Bosphorus. But the old Istanbul was located on the European side and on the peninsula.

That is exactly based on this information, I think the first Istanbuller had to be Istanbuller by not wanting to be Istanbuller!

The first Istanbuler departed from anywhere to go anywhere and reached to Istanbul.

We think that the first Istanbuller can not return and also not able to swim the cross of bosforos. And he or she not able to build a ship or even a boat for it then it may be happened thousands years before. İt most be happened before than Noah swam too.

Because the palace is on the European side, we can understand that the first Istanbuller was came here by Europe.

Now the question is: Was it the first guy from Istanbul or a woman ?!

Considering that the state of being able to return is not known by the men even today, it is not enough if we assume that Istanbuller is the first man, So they're at least two people to be made up of men and women. Therefore, it is necessary to talk about the first Istanbullers and not the first Istanbuler. It is not clear what the languages ​​of the first Istanbul are. I do not believe that the first Istanbullers originate in greek. The first Istanbullers could not be Arab, Bulgarian, Serbian, Russian, German or Italian living in the first 1000 kilometers far from Istanbul.

You ask why?

It is not resonable that the Arabs to come out of the deserts of the arabia and passed the east, north and west of the Black Sea to settle in the ancient Istanbul. So, if the plane and oil money would be not today, they would not be able to come to Istanbul even today!

We can think that Bulgarian, Serbian, Russian and many other Balkan slav people (I do not include the Hungarians from them, because they are descendants of Attila= the Huns) are the first Istanbulers. But they are not!

You ask why?

We know that the Slavic race has no long history in the region. The history of the Slavs in the region goes back less than 600 years. If the greet Peter didn't say, " Russians, wake up and walk to the warm waters", they were still living in the bulk of the Kremlin Palace!

Then slavics are not the first Istanbulers.

The reason of why first Istanbulers are not Italian is more reasonable.

If the first Istanbulers were Italian, they would have protected their language, and they would carry the capital from Roma to Istanbul. But we do not see them or their traces today in Istanbul, then we can guess that the first Istanbulers were not Italians.

Well, could the first Istanbulers be German?

We need to be a little more careful when we want to say about anything that includes Germans!

You ask why?

Because of their intelligence, expansionism and rudness. However, if the Germans know that even any smallest traces of the past in Istanbul, they can move towards there tomorrow or even this night! and on their way, they will destroy many other countries as Hungary, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Austria.

But we (? !!!) still have to research it too as history researchers (? !!!).

You ask why?

The Germans, constitute the most foreign tourists coming to Istanbul after the Russians. They look at Istanbul more lovely! Besides, Turks live in Germany, so this interaction is mutual!

Yeah! 3 million tourists each year goes from Germany to Turkey. About half of them come only for Istanbul.

Because of this intense interest, I did not make do my guessing and I asked it from her Hans!

- Dear Hans! why do you love Istanbul so much, as Germans?

- Which fucking said we love Istanbul?

It's really clever that Hans answered my question by another question!

So I asked the same question from Melanie:

- Dear Melanie, as Germans, why do you love Istanbul so much?

- Of course we will. In the first war, our sincere sincerity and blood at the expense of us, for this cause they lost their lands so large that 50 times of our country. Even our neighbor France did not help us so much! Attila, who helped our ancestors in ancient times, was of Turkish origin. Turks contributed to the development of our country after the second war.

I thought that it will be better to ask one other German the same question. And he was Gunther,

  • Dear Gunther, as Germans, why do you like Istanbul so much?
  • We don't like Istanbul. We're just curious. We love Berlin, Vienna, Strasbourg, Bern, Mittenwald and Cologne!

The only thing that I understand from these answers was that the Germans were not the first ones from Istanbul.

Ok! now think about: How much is the probability of being first Istanbulers for the Turks?


I don't think the first people that came here called this place. They could not go anywhere else because they had already come to a dead end, and they could not go anywhere else. Then they did not need to call the place.

But the first name of Constantinople, where did come from? In my opinion, someone who came here many many years later, asked ‘Where is here?’  from someone that named Constantine and  Constantine is probably guarding the gates or even keeping watch outside the city! Because the city's first name is Constantinople (Constantine Police)! Because of the name Constantinople is a Christian name, I guess that here was without any name for many thousands of years and then Istanbul probably remained an anonymous city for centuries, even thousands of years.

Then what happened?


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