Cheap and quality. These two words cannot easily come side by side, but I will tell you the only way to travel to Istanbul in the cheapest way. This article may seem strange to you in some paragraphs. In this article, I will try to present a slightly different article for you.

You can come Istanbul from; Newyork, Moscow, Berlin, Doha, Dubai, Paris, Athena, Kairo, Tabriz, Baku, Rome, Madrid, Vienna, Amstredam, Karachi,

Tashkent, Delhi, Beijing, Kazan, Kuwait, Baghdad, Urumchi, Tokyo, Kualalampur, Sydney and etc.. You can come from any other point in the world. Only THY (Turkish Air Lines) has 200 destinations from all the world that can bring you to Istanbul!

When we want to talk about cheap travel, it is roughly to list where our money will go on this journey.

1- Road,

2- Accommodation,

3- Food,

4- Trip,

5- Gifts,

Let's look at the road first:

The cheapest method for the road is of course to use the earth. As for the vehicle, we should also consider using donkeys and horses! The donkey is not very expensive, it does not lose value as it is used! It is like gold, it is compatible with inflation value! Also fuel (!) is free and can be found anywhere! It also cheers up the sound, does not pollute the air and does not make traffic!

However, if you are going to move from London, for example, it is more appropriate to buy donkeys after swimming! The French donkey is more noble!

There are many names were wandered in history, that traveled with donkeys or horses just like; Giovanni del Carpini, Heinrich Barth, Marco Polo, Nasrettin hodja, Evliya Celebi and many other famous travelers, merchants and entrepreneurs.

There's no excitement to travel by plane, train, ship, private car or bus or caravan!

After a while travel by donkey will be a style in our post-modern world!

You can be the first!

As for accommodation:


Nowadays, very cheap and lightweight tents are produced and assembled very easily. In addition, you open a free website before your travel and you can tell about yourself during the journey, as well as collecting money, you can sell your tent when you finish your journey. It will cost much even if it is worn out!

As you can see, while I offer you the appropriate trip guidance, I am actually describing the way in which the money is also earned!

You can set your tent along the way and in Istanbul. Even in places where tents are prohibited, you are in a different position and everyone will welcome you and try to help you.


As the Turks say; ‘bread from people, water from the lake!’

You can take with the method, but you can get a female donkey and use her milk! There is nothing to worry about. Donkey milk is very healthy. Don't believe those who say you that you will be like donkeys after drinking donkey milk for a while. They wouldn't be stupid enough to say that if they had drank donkey milk themselves!


Let's take a little more detail about the subject of the trip:

Let's count places to visit in Istanbul before:

1- Hagia Sophia,

2- Topkapı Palace,

3- Archeology Museum,

4- The Blue Mosque,

5- The Basilica Cistern,

6- Binbirdirek cistern,

7- Beyazit mosque,

8- Bazaar,

9- Çemberlitas,

10- Suleymaniye Mosque,

11- Kariye Museum,

  1. Walls,

13 Beyoglu,

14- You are the antique church,

15- Taksim Square,

16- The girl is kulsei,

17 Beylerbeyi

18- Ortaköy mosque,

19- Dolmabahce Palace.

20- Çırağan palas,

21- Stars palace,

22- Haydarpasa station,

23- Mihrimah sultan mosque,

24- Rumeli Fortress,

25- Anatolian fortress,

26- Hipodrum Square,

27- Galata Tower,

28- Pier lotti,

29- Eyup Sultan Mosque,

30- Belt,

Let's leave this number here because it's growing! We have already counted the most important ones. Now I'm going to tell you about them one by one and in a very short and concise way:

Hagia Sophia: used to be a church, then a mosque, is now a museum. If this goes on, until you reach Istanbul by the method I call, it becomes a ğ public Bu place. Tie your donkey to obelisk, Ayasofyah, hipodrum square, sultanahmet mosque and the underground cistern for free as I have mentioned below!

Topkapi Palace: The Ottoman sultans lived here and they ruled the land from which they spread over three continents. Now that these provisions are no longer in that land, this place does not have the reputation of the palace anymore, I think. You can also wander! So the name is palace but not really a palace!

Archaeological museum: the oldest things are exhibited here. We're trying to learn new things, so this place doesn't mean much.

Blue Mosque: this place is free. Take a trip to Doya. Even if you've paid for it until you come, you'll have a strictly religious view because you will be keeping your face on the beard face.

Basilica Cistern: Since this place is underground, you can do this. Do as you pass through, leave one iron coin at the full gate so that it can roll to the front. Then go to his veil. When you come down, you will see a lot of money in the water! Take as much as you want and also review the cistern (!!!) without spitting. Look, you've made money, and you're gone!

Am I a bad person now? Is he a good guy?

Binbirdirek cistern: this cistern is the same as above. The system is the same! No need!

Beyazit Mosque: This place is also free to travel!   Be sure to connect to one of the large sycamore trees in the area closed to traffic your donkey!

Grand Bazaar: This place is also free to travel! You can also walk around with your donkey!

Cemberlitas: This place is also free to visit!  

Galata Tower: It's enough to see this place from the outside!

Dolmabahce palace: the same reason for the topkapi palace is valid for this place! No need to travel!

Çırağan palas: the reason for the topkapı palace is valid for this place! No need to travel!

Kulsei girl: You can see this while passing by the ferry. I think it's enough.

Beylerbeyi: the valid reason for the topkapi palace is valid for this place! No need to travel!

Yıldız palace: the reason for the topkapi palace is also valid for this place! No need to travel!

Kariye Museum: You need to spend money here! You can not escape! You're supposed to remind yourself that you're a tourist, right?

Rumeli Fortress: Make a tour of the Bosphorus. Bosphorus tour yapınca already Rumelia and Anatolia fortresses, as well dolmabahçe palace, the apprentices Cutlass, seigneur palace, Maiden's Tower, the Ortaköy mosque and a lot more place you will have the chance to look inside the ferry throat. You can get your ass vapura!

Anadolu fortress: I have explained on the top that you need to do a tour of the Bosphorus.

Suleymaniye Mosque: This place is also free to travel!  

Walls: this place is also free to travel!  

Beyoglu: This place is free to roam in Paris like Paristeki but it is very stylish! Don't worry about your ass! Anyone who sees you for a new break in the tour will appreciate you.

You are the antique church: it is also free to travel!  

Taksim Square: this place is also free to travel!  

Ortakoy mosque: this place is free to visit!  

Haydarpasa station: this place is free to visit!  

Mihrimah sultan mosque: this place is also free to travel!  

Hipodrum Square: this place is also free to travel!  

Pier Lotti: This is the place to be free to visit!  

Eyup Sultan Mosque: This place is also free to travel!  

Fatih mosque: this place is also free to travel!  


On your trip, many people will give you gifts for your style. Besides, take lots of photos and don't buy anything. In addition, after all these memories, you will become a gift for your advocates!!!

Keep me informed when you really want to get out of this kind of journey.

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